Co-extruded Bubble Envelope


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Category: Bubble Envelope
Model Art. No. Size(CM) Color Remark
Co-extruded Bubble Envelope EE-100 Customized Customized To order
EE-101 15*18+4CM Matte White 730 PCS/CTN
EE-102 15*20+4CM Matte White 350 PCS/CTN
EE-103 15*22+4CM Matte White 600 PCS/CTN
EE-104 17*18+4CM Matte White 650 PCS/CTN
EE-105 18*18+4CM Matte White 600 PCS/CTN
EE-106 18*23+4CM Matte White 260 PCS/CTN
EE-107 19*28+4CM Matte White 200 PCS/CTN
EE-108 20*25+4CM Matte White 210 PCS/CTN
EE-109 20*30+4CM Matte White 350 PCS/CTN
EE-110 22*30+4CM Matte White 300 PCS/CTN
EE-111 25*30+4CM Matte White 260 PCS/CTN
EE-112 26*36+4CM Matte White 125 PCS/CTN
EE-113 26*30+4CM Matte White 150 PCS/CTN
EE-114 27*34+4CM Matte White 125 PCS/CTN
EE-115 27.5*38+4CM Matte White 110 PCS/CTN
EE-129 28*37+6CM Matte White 210 PCS/CTN
EE-116 29*36+4CM Matte White 110 PCS/CTN
EE-117 30*35.5+4CM Matte White 110 PCS/CTN
EE-130 33*40+6CM Matte White 200 PCS/CTN
EE-118 35*38+4CM Matte White 85 PCS/CTN
EE-119 35*48+4CM Matte White 75 PCS/CTN
EE-131 38*46+6CM Matte White 140 PCS/CTN
EE-120 40*42+4CM Matte White 65 PCS/CTN
EE-121 40*52+4CM Matte White 55 PCS/CTN
EE-122 50*60+4CM Matte White 38 PCS/CTN
EE-133 18*23+4CM Matt Black 530 PCS/CTN
EE-127 25*30+4CM Matt Black 340 PCS/CTN
EE-134 28*37+6CM Matt Black 210 PCS/CTN
EE-124 33*40+6CM Matt Black 200 PCS/CTN
EE-125 38*46+6CM Matt Black 140 PCS/CTN
EE-137 44*50+6CM Matt Black 140 PCS/CTN
EE-126 60*50+8CM Matt Black 80 PCS/CTN
EE-138 28*37+6CM Matt Red 210 PCS/CTN
EE-139 33*40+6CM Matt Red 200 PCS/CTN
EE-140 38*46+6CM Matt Red 140 PCS/CTN
EE-141 28*37+6CM Matte Blue 210 PCS/CTN
EE-142 33*40+6CM Matte Blue 200 PCS/CTN
EE-143 38*46+6CM Matte Blue 140 PCS/CTN
EE-144 28*37+6CM Matte Yellow 210 PCS/CTN
EE-145 33*40+6CM Matte Yellow 200 PCS/CTN
EE-146 38*46+6CM Matte Yellow 140 PCS/CTN

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