With using of latest technology, air-bag products giving fragile and delicate products of varying sizes even better protection from shocks, scratches and damage as well as greatly reducing shipping costs, labour costs and storage cost. on the same time air-bag film is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Maximally Decrease The Damage Rate

Air column bag is made of strong and tough PE/PA co-extrusion film.

  • Resilient,strong and tough,providing perfect protection.
  • Higher air tightness, providing long-lasting protection.
  • All round packing, providing 360 degree protection.
  • Each air column provides independent protection.If one air column is broken and failed,the other air columns remain functional and continuously provide protection.

Import air valve, quick inflation, no leakage, Five seconds at a time

  • Air-Bag cushions are ready-made to use minimal storage space.
  • Air-Bag reduces transportation costs.
  • The Air-Bag cushion is rupture-proof, withstanding up to 60-120kg pressure.
  • The Air-Bag cushion offers maximum protection.
  • Air-Bag cushions can reduce packing costs by 20-40%.
  • The Air-Bag cushions are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

200 kg load-bearing weight buffer effect is good

Air column bag has strong compressive function and orientation stretching characteristics. It is widely used in the transportation and protection of bottled products, electronic appliances, fruits, daily chemicals and daily necessities. It can not only improve the image of products, but also enhance the shopping experience of buyers and reduce the damage of products in the transportation process.


Please email your requirements to

Sample leading time is 5-10 days depend on products and season. Bulk leading time is 20-30 days depend on product and quantity.

Monday – Saturday , 08:00 – 17:00 (Peking time)

Reusable bags can be inflated manually by blowing them up like a balloon or by using a hand pump. For all other inflatable products we recommend using air compressor Alternatively, an automatical air filling machine.

Of course, we offer free samples. Please email with your details and requirements.


Yes, subject to minimum order levels. Please enquire to




Our clear bags PET level rating is 4. This plastic is generally recycled into compost bins, panelling, rubbish bin liners, rubbish bins and floor tiles.


Yes, but as with any manufacturing process there are some limitations – please email your specific requirements to

We are very competitive, but the real cost savings are achieved by reducing pack times, transit damage, storage and shipping costs. For example we can reduce your warehouse storage space requirements by up to 90%.

There’s two type. One is made of PE and PA co-extrude film which is extremely high in strength, another is made of PE co-extrude film. Both of them doesn’t contain any toxins.

No, each the inflatable product is inflated from a single point and the air then flows through into all the chambers.

Once inflated, the one made of PE and PA co-extrude film may hold their air up to 12 months, the bag looses less than 10% within 180 days, another made of PE co-extrude film may hold their air up to 3 months. Statistically the bag looses less than 10% within 30 days. SHAMMAH PACKs are well qualified for being reused as an effective, cost saving packaging solution.

SHAMMAH air cushion pack are great in protecting all kinds of products, which can withstand the weight of 120-200 KG for PE and PA co-extrude film products, and 10 – 30 KG for PE co-extrude film products.

SHAMMAH PACKs are specified for use in wide range of -22°F(-30°C) to 140°F(60°C)

50% as deposit, and 50% before delivery. We accept inspector Bureau Veritas or China Certification & Inspection Group, others as well, before you pay the balance.

EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, small quantity by International courier, big quantity by land or by sea transportation.

1. We keep high quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit.
2. Treating everyone with respect and integrity. no matter quantity is big or small.
3. Our customers value trusted partnerships and creative solutions that support the continual success of their business.

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